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Yo Momma

Directed By: Baschi

Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
Length: 03:07
Released: June 1st, 2019

Director's Comments

Who doesn't know them, Yo Mamma Jokes? You can see the funniest ones here in LEGO! I was cheating a little. The film is not only about yo mamma jokes. Please forgive me this little lie. This film was made especially for the Steinerei 2016. The theme of the Steinerei was "Absurd". We actually heard this absurd dialogue between two guys that way on a bus. So we filmed it. There was a special award for the best use of the three following things: nun, Babbitt , fried chicken. The guy with the ice cream ist the Babitt (In an absurd way). We won this prize. The Joke with the Tomatos are a german linguistic joke. It only works in German. I'm aware of that. ("Geldautomaten" means "ATMs" and "Tomatoes from Geldau". It depends on the accentuation) I hope you had a little fun anyway.

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