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Overall: 8
Story: 8
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 7
Sound: 7
Music: 7


Directed By: Jonny

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi
Length: 02:48
Released: January 11th, 2010

Director's Comments

Finally finished. Took forever to make, had to do several adjustments on lighting and sound. 10 hours of filming and 10 hours of editing. I'm fairly pleased with the result, I'm just not sure the public or even this site will like it much. But yes, hope you enjoy, and special thanks to Smeagol for great voice acting and a few suggestions, and also to Squash for doing great voice work!

Staff Review

Stars is another solid short from Scypax. The writing is nothing too complex, but retains an intriguing quality. The music adds to the sense of wonder this short brings along with it. The animation suffices, but it's all about the atmosphere and story here. Good voice acting is always a plus, and really helps the impact of the short. Dare I say it, I think Scypax has the potential to become one of the writers in the community. This is very much worth a couple minutes of your time.

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