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Riddles in the Dark

Directed By: Zach Studios

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Length: 03:16
Released: December 17th, 2018

Director's Comments

Lego Riddles in the Dark
Here is my entry for the Middle Earth Brickfilm Festival. Lego Riddles in the Dark has been recreated by me before but without any dialogue. This time I was able to get my friend, Jonah W., to voice Gollum for me while I voiced Bilbo. I had a limited time to work in this, so it could have been better, but it turned out much better than I thought that it would. The link to the playlist of the contest is down below. My upload time is 2:30 mountain time. I hope you all enjoy, please like, subscribe, and leave a comment on what you liked and what I can do better on my next film! I had a very enjoyable time making this short film because I am a huge fan of Middle Earth, and I have always wanted to make a film with Gollum, so this festival gave me the perfect chance to do that.


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