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DESTINED TO DIE - #SummerContest2018

Directed By: Seza Tiara Selen

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Drama, Mystery
Length: 08:24
Released: September 2nd, 2018

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, moderate language.

Director's Comments

My Entry for the eighth week of the #SummerContest2018!
It's seperated in four little Chapters:
1 - Humans decided to eat all animals and not only some, so the animals plan a revolution.
2 - 200 years later we watch a dog living in a world populated by animals only.
3/4 - See for yourself, I don't want to spoil it too much :)
Also, there are many easter eggs to find in this Brickfilm, I tried to hid them while making them fit to the story.
Also also, it is a bit debtful than my other works, I'm curious if you like it that way! :D
Hope you enjoy!

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