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The Forgotten Files...

Directed By: John McErlean

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Length: 45:17
Released: July 31st, 2018

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Before the actual description I just wanna say sorry that the text and transitions between each of the videos are kinda laggy when they move, I have no idea why that happened, anyway on with the actual description lol.

Music by 95TurboSol: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkAgMU0ie96BfOuuMH36Dw

Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVYC9LMqo7I

Hello there fellow humanoids… so…. yeah idrk what this video is...
I was going down memory lane a while back by looking at a bunch of my old, cringey videos, and decided I’d make this HUGE compilation of all of them, which will help to just try and keep my channel active. xD

I will be uploading an update video next month, which will explain and announce all of my future projects, but for now just know that I am working on stuff every day over my Summer break, and I’m doing the best I can. :)

Anyway, as you can see, I copied a lot of people’s videos lmao… It was mostly because they inspired me to start animating and I guess it was just easy and fun to recreate other people’s stuff at the time. xD

These are only a handful of my old videos that I could find, there’s HUNDREDS more I couldn’t find. I’d guess there’s probably around 100-200 or so more really old ones that I don’t have that were made with this software at around the same time, and way more that aren't even animations, just pictures, like the very first animation in this video, not even mentioning the ‘newer’ of the old ones I did on my phone. But most are either deleted, lost, or would take a lot of work to get back, and I don’t really fancy doing that haha.

All of these (excluding the first since it wasn’t technically an actual animation) were made using the animation software ‘’Zu3D’. I am aware that there are many mobile apps that are easily accessible and can be used on your phone, but back in 2011 or so when I started animating, I didn’t have that, so my dad bought me this software.

It’s a very good software for anyone starting out in animation on your computer. I see many people upgrade from their phone to  Dragonframe straight after, but it is quite expensive and not necessarily the best software to just move to quickly from your phone or iPad (which is what most use when starting out nowadays). The software might seem a little outdated at this point from what I remember of it, but since I haven’t used it in years, there's most likely a bunch of new updates and features! So maybe just check out the website, since it brings back such good memories of mine. xD :D

Wow holy crap this description is long, anyway, here’s a link to the Zu3D website:


Finally, here are the time codes for each animation in alphabetical order, except the first (I would have done it by date, but that would’ve taken forever to sort out since the order was defaulted to alphabetical lol):

My First Animation: 00:14

Batman: Batman and The Dark Knight Trailer: 00:31

How to Build a Car: 01:57

Buying a Car: 04:41

Buying a House: 06:33

Captain America Trailer: 07:42

Firemen: 08:21

Fishing: 09:00

Heroes United: 09:40

James Bond: 10:00

LEGO Camping: 13:05

LEGO Castle: 14:19

LEGO Fight: 16:24

LEGO School: 17:03

Mission Impossible: 18:17

Mystery Man: 22:29

Secret Agent: 23:47

Shark Attack: 24:33

The Banana: 24:56

The Bank Robbery: 25:25

The Birthday Party: 27:18

The Break In!: 28:04

The Car Accident: 28:26

The Carrot: 29:14

The Chainsaw Accident: 30:06

The Claw Machine: 31:24

The Golf Course: 32:18

The Hairdressers: 33:33

The Jail Escape: 34:30

The Killer Batman: 34:54

The Magic Show: 35:43

The Picnic: 36:16

The Worms: 37:15

Tom Cruise, James Bond and Secret Agent: 37:54

The Weapon Store: 41:55

Weapon Store Two: 42:20

Weapon Store 3: 43:12

What The!!: 43:25

Winter Special: 44:12

I probably could have cut out all of the credits and dumb pauses and stuff that are in each video, but that would take a LONG time to edit (which it already did) and I figured I’d just let you see how incredibly advanced my editing skills were at the time. ;)

If you actually watched the whole video comment below because I didn’t think it was gonna be this long lmao (ngl I haven’t even watched the whole video myself without skimming through most of it hahaha). K bye fellow humanoids.

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