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Overall: 8
Story: 7
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 9
Sound: 6


Directed By: Stijn Heirstrate

Genre: History
Length: 01:00
Released: December 29th, 2008

Director's Comments

A story about a Greek painter.

Inspired to make by the film made by Thomas Missault called "Galileo"

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
It's nice to see that the director didn't try to do much here, instead taking a short simple historical anecdote and turning it into a short, simple historical film. The story flows smoothly, the animation is crisp, and just about every shot is interesting, including some well-executed pans. The lone gripe here is the sound, as music cuts in and out abruptly in a few places and the voices, though well done, don't quite seem to match with their associated characters. Though the director hasn't quite painted a masterpiece here, he has done a solid job of bringing an ancient tale to eye-catching life.