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Bricks-A-Million Commercial

Directed By: Wammy

Genre: Comedy
Length: 01:11
Released: December 17th, 2017

Director's Comments

Ok... we all make mistakes.  Perhaps you forget to buy your child that one present that you've been meaning to get him for 8 years; or maybe your mother reminded you that your Uncle Bert has been asking you for that lawn mower and you forgot to get it for him.  Well, there's no need to worry.  There's just enough time to get some shopping done before Christmas.  But... where should you do your shopping?  Of course, you should go to Bricks-A-Million.  Bricks-A-Million offers you a wide variety of toys, games, equipment, and tools to make every day of your life easier and more pleasurable.  Don't miss the amazing deals and discounts you can get from Bricks-A-Million!

This commercial was made for the Brickfilm Christmas collaboration.

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