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Lego War: Battle Of Mo-Wol

Directed By: Force Movies Productions

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Parody
Length: 35:44
Released: October 20th, 2017

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

Yet another lego brickfilm stop-motion, this time it's another spin-off of one of my biggest projects to date. Called Lego Gateway: To The Land Of Weird And Madness. This time it's involves about the city of Mo-Wol an important city in the land of Weird Of Madness.
A small part of the sotry follows a man called: Shaft a General of the Order Of The Silver Coin who has a personal vendetta agianst the evil military forces of Badly Bald. Some people concider him a madman others call him a genius.
The battle takes place during at the same time as the Battle Of Kranky-Town. Half of the city is occupied by the evil forces of Lord Badly Bald and the other half is heavily defended by the order of the Silver Coin. The concept is based on guerillia warfare in a urban setting. It is also loosly based on the Battle Of Stalingrad in World War II. The only diffrence is that it doesn't make sense at all (Like Lego Gateway: To The Land Of Weird And Madness) from Imperial Stormtroopers, till zombies. From soldiers from the Imperial Japanese Army till a drunken Russian soldier. Everyone fights, not because the uniform they wear (Or the lack of it) but about their own beliefs. Staying weird or fall into the tyranny of a some one who is badly bald.

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