Lego Hulk vs Lego Iron Man - Prank War Parody

Directed By: Brick Corner

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Action, Adventure
Length: 0:3:32
Released: September 29th, 2017

Director's Comments

It's new day in Lego Marvel City and we are featuring new funny parody Lego Stop Motion Animation - "Lego Hulk vs Lego Iron Man - Prank War Parody".

Lego Hulk is going to have his first day off, but he does not even know that he is living next to Iron Man, what is restless neighbor. Iron Man starts Prank war and Lego Hulk feels rage and is trying to defeat Iron Man.
Hulk's Day off is total Failure.

He does not even know, that there are other restless neighbors on the street... (Lego Spider -Man, Superman and other superheroes)

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