Toys V.S LEGOs

Directed By: Hudson Ludy

Genre: Action, Adventure, Parody, Comedy
Length: 0:7:27
Released: January 1st, 2014

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

Back in the splendid year of 2014, young Hudson Ludy, his sister, and a friend formulated the masterpiece which is "Toys V LEGOs", an epic action-adventure film with Sully from Monsters Inc, a spaceman, a dinosaur, Batman, President Business, a random Scottish dude with a strange voice sounding similar to a kid going through puberty, and explosions..duh.
"Toys V LEGOs" was one of many long brickfilms I made with my friends, and it's one of the few surviving ones. I reminisce the days of innocence when I didn't care or know anything about quality, character development, storytelling, pop culture, or humor, and thus could make a film in literally an hour and a half.
These were the films that shaped me as a brickfilmer and a storyteller, and I will always be eternally grateful for them.
I took the "Why are we still here" audio clip directly from Chris @ Gold Brick Production's THACumentary. So... go watch that video. It's better.
Also, "Spirit of the West" is a film taken from rioforce. Go watch that one too.
While you're at it, sub to Pongowl. Let's get him the 10K he deserves.
Oreos are good.

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