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The Battle for the Brick Kingdom

Directed By: Jack Rizzo

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Length: 02:10
Released: August 1st, 2017

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

A princess kidnapped, a wizard missing, a Kingdom in the balance.

After years of planning, the villanois Baron has invaded the Royal Palace and taken Princess Orra hostage, forcing the King into a bitter exile. To crush any resistance, the Baron’s Dark Wizard has enchanted the mighty dragon Mithrog, to spread terror across the lands! With the Brick Kingdom’s own wizard Abbra missing, it seems that nobody is left to stop the Baron’s nefarious plot.

Now it is up to the Princess' trusted allies, Sir Studley the Knight and Torre the Huntswoman, to find the missing wizard and free the dragon. If they fail, and the Brick Kingdom will be lost forever!

I made this animation earlier this year to be shown alongside our show 'Kingdom' (which is all knights and castles and dragons and is pretty dope) when it was at BrickLive Excel London.

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