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The Nine Billion Names of God

Directed By: Viktor Toth

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy, Mystery
Length: 09:57
Released: August 21st, 2017

Director's Comments

The Nine Billion Names of God is my most cooperative brickfilm so far. It's the first time I'm not writing the script, for istance. The screenplay, based on an Arthur C. Clarke short story, was written by Michael Tourette (known on BiM as HoldingOurOwn), an active brickfilmer and BiM member. Similarly, voices are provided by more colleagues: William Osborne voices Charles Wagner, lead character of the film, Ian Wood took the role of Lama, Mary Charles (known on BiM mostly as Brick7) does the female announcer.
I believe Michael's description of the story is good and concise: "An unusual order of monks enlists some hi-tech help in their centuries-long mission to inscribe all the possible names of God." To add something, two employees of a 3D printer company, Charles and George, are hired to help this order of monks from the Himalaya, but they'll soon learn the dangers of what is happenning there.
Personally, I feel that The Nine Billion Names of God has strong bonds with Ad Tenebras, my other brickfilm based on an Isaac Asimov short story. The two films share certain themes, and there is a rather poetic parallel that can be tracked between the two endings.

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