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Overall: 5
Story: 5
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 5
Sound: 6

Unexpected Visitors - A (failed) THAC.7 entry

Directed By: Dan O'Shea

Genre: Comedy
Length: 01:33
Released: January 3rd, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

Wow. The last movie I made was two years ago. I finally get the motivation to make a film, and I come up with THIS.
It was going to be entered into THAC.7 but my computer froze just before I could enter it in.

Uh, so yeah. Enjoy.

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
For the most part, this one is pretty much a par-for-the-course THAC entry... one set, limited cinematography, etc. But Danimation nails the pacing, and coupled with an excellent voice-acting performance from Gospelnut, this minute-and-a-half dose of randomness is one of the more entertaining films to come out of this year's contest. It may not be very technically proficient or especially memorable, but it's certainly not a view you'll regret. Worth a look.

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