The Requital

Directed By: Liam Siegler

Genre: Drama, Action, Mystery
Length: 0:10:26
Released: December 13th, 2016

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

This was written, voiced (minus Jay Silver), and animated in under 7 days for BRAWL 2016, of which I did not finish in time (mostly because the project was way too ambitious and 10 minutes long).

I finally got to finishing it, and here it is! The finished product is of course flawed. If I were to do it again, I would add more development for when Ryan was chasing his lead, since I realize that was rather rushed. I would also add more to the ending. I do realize a few of the lines are out of place or had grammatical errors (probably due to me speed writing it). I also noticed a few set bumps. Alas, the pains of BRAWL. But overall I think it turned out decent.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

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