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Overall: 5
Story: 3
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 8
Effects: 8
Sound: 7

3 Random Chipmunks...

Directed By: Joshua Carter

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action
Length: 01:37
Released: November 7th, 2009

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

This had to resubmited because of a spelling mistake which was kindly pointed out by a reviewer!*This little film is part of a mini test montage, but I thought it was good enough to be submitted here. The video will start at the appropriate point*A man comes home to find his friends having a game night. It goes on for many hours and he gets extremely annoyed...The voices are from an audio file a long time ago of my brother and some of his friends playing a game of risk. They were high on red bull and he recorded it and changed the pitch. You could say this is a tribute

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
The story is lacking and features an unnecessarily violent ending, but these blemishes are well-disguised by some excellent technical work. The animation is above average, but some excellent facial animation and cinematography are what really stand out in this effort. The sound is well-mixed, and though the "chipmunk voices" may come off as an obnoxious gimmick, they do a nice job of upping the "annoying factor" that the story relies on. It would have been nice had there been more substance to this short, but it's certainly worth a view as is.

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