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LEGO Axe Gang Assassination

Directed By: Force Movies Productions

Genre: Action, Comedy, Western, History
Length: 07:17
Released: July 15th, 2016

Content Advisory:  strong violence.

Director's Comments

A lego brickfilm stop-motion about three people trying to assassinate the leader of the infamous Axe Gang. The largest and most terrifying gang in the lego universe. But will they be able to defeat the gang? or will it spread even more?

In a time of social unrest and disorder
the gangs have moved in to consolidate their power
The biggest and most feared of them all.
Is The Axe Gang.
People who rebelled aginast those gangs were met by deadly force.
Untill now.

Original Title: 乐高斧头帮暗杀 (Lego Axe Gang Assassination)

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