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Overall: 6
Story: 5
Animation: 4
Cinematography: 4
Effects: 4
Sound: 6


Directed By: Mario Baumgartner

Genre: Action, Horror, Parody
Length: 08:26
Released: November 25th, 2009

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

Finally, THE SECRET (2005) is on YouTube.
It was my first film with own story.

THE SECRET is an apocalyptic film, the story tells of a man who wakes up is in a hospital after 10 years coma. The world is no longer that as he still can remember. Everything has changed.
I will nothing of the story anticipated, because to tell more would only hurt the film.

I made this in the time when the hype on the last potter-book was extrem hot. Every fan talked about this last book and the last chapter - which JK Rowling wrote before she started the 7 books.

Of course, the film is again rich in effects, music and - I'm sorry - in german language.
In 2005 no one had seen some war-scenes like this in an brickfilm, so 4 years ago it was amazing to watch it.

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