The Exasperater (Hero Factory Test Footage)

Directed By: Shelby Pritchard

Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama, Comedy
Length: 0:1:27
Released: January 21st, 2015

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

build style, this turned out much worse than the first one.
Exasperate- To frustrate, vex, provoke, or annoy; to make angry.
Exasperater- One who exasperates.

This began as a simple animation test. And then kinda grew a bit from there.

Basically, just came back on summer break for college was was itching to animate something, preferably something big and complex. I been eyeing some of the new Bionicle sets, so when I found these figures while cleaning my room I just had to do something with them.

Also wanted to experiment with some new camera angles and cinematography techniques, as well as hone the ability to convey more visual-based humor. (Thanks to watching  Everyframeapainting's videos on Youtube.)

So yeah, hope you like it.

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