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Coffee Friction - Chapter ?: Undercover Cop

Directed By: Divine

Genre: Drama, Action, Comedy, Mystery
Length: 00:39
Released: December 10th, 2014

Content Advisory:  mild violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

A new story arises.. about coffee.. like you've never imagined. This story will undertake the gritty underground of the Coffee world. Find out about coffee like you never knew, and watch as it changes the characters and how war will begin over... The coffee beans!

Lego Friction will become a longer based film but chapters will be released as the film could take a long time to finish.

Although a little bit of light flicker overall I am very pleased with this. Members suggested to use more different angles and shots, and I have listened this one is filled with it even in the short amount of time!

I hope you do enjoy it! Please leave some feedback or comments would love to hear what you guys think and what I should improve on!

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