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Life of a Clone Trooper (First half)

Directed By: Divine

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Drama
Length: 04:29
Released: November 30th, 2014

Director's Comments

Hey there guys!

My long anticipated film, life of a clone trooper is finally ready to be released.

Firstly, I'd like to address that this isn't the full episode realisticly there it was to be around 7-8 minutes long (Including credits and narration). However due to work/study and personal stuff I have had to cut back on animating due to it here is the shorter released version.

I do hope none the less you guys enjoy it a lot of work was put into this and it's my longest brick film I've done yet, there was all sorts of problems and challenges I had while shooting this film, lip syncing, vfx moving camera and long hours of work!

#Just over 2800 photos were shot in the production of this film.
#Film was filmed at 15 Fps
#Over 30 hours of work was put into this. (this includes #Post/vfx/sound editing/voicing/animating).
#My longest and most challenging film to date.
#I will come back and finish this episode off one day.
#Scripts have been written for up to 5 more episodes all ranging from 5-7 minutes in length!

A special thanks to all the voice actors!
And a massive thank you to Guy Commanderson AKA If I Were A Minifig, you've been a great help throughout the project telling me things that needed fixing, and being a great assistant for this project. All the great music was done by him!

Also thank you HoldingOurOwn for you're assistance in editing parts of the first episode. Originally there was more but because I had a schedule and cause it was difficult to keep changing up the audio it couldn't work none the less thank you for wanting to assist and for what you did do!

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