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Overall: 7
Story: 3
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 6
Sound: 7

Alien Parasites

Directed By: jimmybob

Genre: Action, Horror, Adventure, Sci-fi
Length: 08:50
Released: October 3rd, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

My friends, can you stand the shocking facts about bank robbers from outer space! This is a gritty psychedelic film which was my large project for 2009. Unfortunately, there is no story, and this is probably hell for the reviewer.

Staff Review

When I first viewed Jimmybob's film, Alien Parasites, I had two things running through my mind. First off, I was waiting for a cake to finish baking. Secondly, I was wondering if Jimmybob's unique brand of filming could work it's magic on my mind once more. Long story short, I forgot about the cake and it burnt. It was worth it.
One of the great perils of joining a community of tight knit filmmakers, especially when you are developing in the trade, is that oftentimes other members of the community rub off on you. You lose your individualism so to speak, or stop making films that you, and you alone want to see. This has, without a doubt, not happened to Jimmybob, and Alien Parasites is a perfect example of his lone wolf filmmaking.
Like most of his films, this one relies largely on style to carry it through. There is little story to speak of; the film is based more around events in a theme, the theme being, you guessed it, alien parasites. What really holds this film together though is not the characters, settings, or plot, but the imagery and sounds used within it. And don't take me wrong, the animation in this film is average, not extraordinary. The cinematography is good, but not perfect (although it makes up for its technical issues with ambition, there is an extraordinary car chase scene to take note of). However, the crazy, no holds fun this film emanates will hold you to your seat- the sights and sounds too profound to leave. You don't watch a Jimmybob film, you feel it. So go ahead, no one's stopping you. If you can have a good time without being uptight about technical details, Alien Parasites is a great use of 9 minutes of your life! 

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