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Overall: 6
Story: 8
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 6
Effects: 6
Sound: 6
Music: 6

Fishing for Stars

Directed By: budgetstudios

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Parody, Adventure
Length: 00:56
Released: April 12th, 2009

Director's Comments

Loosly based on the best selling novel "Fishing for Stars" by acclaimed author Bryce Courteny, this film follows a grieving father who searches for his son trapped as a P.O.W. in the pacific after world war two.

Staff Review

A rousing joke film? Or something more? Fishing for Stars holds you down and forces you to answer that question. A  fun slap, or a symbolic montage of how the raging youth inflicts arrogance against elders? Love taps, or revenge from all the angst the youth society grinds against seniors?

Fishing for Stars is an explosion of pleasure that leaves a guilty residue among deeper thoughts.

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