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Overall: 7
Story: 4
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 5
Effects: 6
Sound: 6

Zombie Attack 2: No More Room In Hell

Directed By: Stijn Heirstrate

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Action, Fantasy
Length: 09:03
Released: August 30th, 2009

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, moderate language.

Director's Comments

Zombie Attack 2: No More Room In Hell

When the theme for BRAWL was posted I had no idea what I was gonna do, so my friend "google" helped me a bit. And he did
I just looked up the word "thought" and found a a couple of 10 defanitions for it. And one of the defanitions gave me an idea.
So I started writting a script with a serious subjet of racism. after writting the first scene I realised that it was to
boring to do for me in a week. So I thought more and felth like making a horror movie like I have been wanting for ages.
In a hardcore black and white. So I came to the idea of making a sequel of my movie "Zombie Attack". I wanted to test myself
(and save time :P ) to improvise this project with my mind as the script. I already started filming that same day. It went well
so far, I still had to hurry though cause I didn't have the whole week the time to enter BRAWL. A day later I was talking
with jimmybob and he asked what I was doing. I just said I was making a BRAWL film. he asked what the title was.
I said Zombie Attack 2. He sorta flipped out there at me :P didn't really know if it was for the lol. he flipped out because
he also made a movie called Zombie Attack, and I make a movie with the same title, and know I'm even making a sequel of it.
so he was like cursing and dissing my first Zombie Attack and I was just taking it. and suddenly he was like. Can we do a
Co production then ? And I was like, sure. days went by and we both filmed hard (especially me :P) and on wendensday the movie was finished filming. Jimmybob just needed to finish animating the short end scene. I edited like all day. movie still isn't perfect though.
I still think the second last scene needs some cuts and editing. So the movie is 9 min long, I was amazed.This could be a brickfilm
record, this movie was exactly made in about 101 hours. but of course, not all shots are animation though. So maybe not a Brickrecord
after all ? Overall, this was the most stressing movie ever. I mean. every night when I was done with everyhing, animating, editing, editing and uploading my daily vlog, it was 2 - 3 AM. I looked worser everyday on my vlogs. But I got a good rest in Switserland
and I'm ready for the new schoolyear.

rate, comment subscribe and Enjoy please :)

Staff Review

Do you like Zombies? Do you like gore? How about B-Movies?
AnD wHeN I WRitE LiKe THiS, DO yoU feEL... Groovy?
If so, then we have a film for you. Zombie Attack 2, at a whopping 9 minutes in length, will more than satisfy your need for a violent romp in the land of one-liners. Possibly the largest asset this film has is it's psychedelia. Zombie Attack 2 embraces the insane, the trippy, and the weird, not only in it's odd dream sequence in the beginning of the film, but also the style built around the whole movie. And believe me, this film is laced with style, has a style topping, and 6 varieties of exotic style cheeses for tasting. There really is no way to convey the fullness of the retro-psychedelic-action hero atmosphere shown here. Sounds used only added to this atmosphere, and the directors were very astute in their choice of music, helping the whole film immensely. Of course, everything is not roses in this film either. Its main shortcomings are in animation and cinematography. Although the directors made a valiant effort, both areas are lacking due to the time restriction imposed by BRAWL. Cinematography is interestingly designed, but the execution in some places does not do the ideas justice. One subject that has me on the fence is the live action usage in this film. Although the directors have some nice sequences filmed in live action (You will get to see a minifigure melt on camera. Yes.), other areas make it feel like they were simply running out of time and wanted more film. Overall though,  the shortcomings are easy to overlook in a film such as this, and Zombie Attack is carried through by it's zaniness. If you don't mind language, gore, and having your brain stretched, give Zombie Attack 2 a watch. OOOHHH YEEEAAAHHH.

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