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Overall: 8
Story: 5
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 8
Effects: 7

Ninja Assassin Trailer IN LEGO!

Directed By: Keshen

Genre: Action, Parody, Adventure
Length: 02:10
Released: August 16th, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Also called: "Dane Cook gets ripped into the air by a chain wrapped around his leg."

Staff Review

Keshen's version of the "Ninja Assassin" trailer is extremely well done.  His may version may be better than the actual thing, with his signature style of animation that reaches a definite high point in this video.  If you fell in love with Keshen's TDK trailer, this'll surely be a winner for you too.  Just...make sure you watch out for ninjas.

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