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Overall: 6
Story: 4
Animation: 5.5
Cinematography: 5
Effects: 7
Sound: 5
Music: 5

Throwing ball FAIL

Directed By: General armendariz

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Parody, Action
Length: 00:20
Released: August 9th, 2009

Director's Comments

Made for Rsteenoven's 101 ways a Minifig can fail at life enjoy C & C welcome

Staff Reviews

Another wild comedic entry into Rsteenoven's fail series. Seriously, what else do I have to say? Watch it.

Randy Yard:
It's simple, it's juvenile, but it's embarrassingly amusing. The camera distractingly goes in and out of focus between frames and the set needs work, but the animation is sharp enough and the cinematography varied enough for this one to hold its own. You could do much worse things with the next twenty seconds of your life.

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