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Jeffery and the Old Man in: Jeffery Gets a Voicebox Transplant

Directed By: jonni phillips

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Western
Length: 07:31
Released: February 17th, 2013

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language, mild sexual content.

Director's Comments

Jeffery's up to his WAAACKY shenanigans again! This time he decides to fall down some stairs and get brutally injured! What a wackjob! He coughs out his voicebox and now he can't speak! What! What's his problem?! He goes on an epic adventure to discover the true meaning of friendship. Find out what happens in this new video! Jeffery and the Old Man in: Jeffery Gets a Voicebox Transplant!

Oh yeah, and Old Man's in it too.

This took me over a year to make for some reason. Thanks to everyone who helped, I've got some more JATOM's comin' your way.

Also, this is my longest video I've ever made. Took me the longest to make too. It still isn't that good. Whoops.

I think the music cuts out during the surgeon scene, but you can still hear the voices and the jokes so

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