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The Quest For The Blood Diamond II

Directed By: Stijn Heirstrate

Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Fantasy
Length: 13:20
Released: December 20th, 2008

Content Advisory:  mild violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

The sequel of "The Quest For The Blood Diamond".

I worked about 8 months on this film, at the time I had a crap computer, so please don't blame me for editing mistakes.

Jack Bullet and Elia Sont are running trough the desert, running from the mummy that guarded The Blood Diamond. But they meet up with a man, a man Jack should know very well.

Staff Review

AND THE PLOT THICKENS as we wade our way through the murky waters of Heirstrate's follow up. When an interesting enough cast of characters clash together in a variety of wacked out camera angles; what else but dramatic dialogue puts the button on the cake? Quest For The Blood diamond is the perfect balance between physical and emotional action, and the result is a tense atmosphere compiled of Blue\_Ghost's somewhat fitting original score. The cinematography really puts the spotlight on the characters (literally), who seem to grow ever so much more complicated throughout the work.

Heirstrate proves himself as an adequate film maker, not only technically, but through the writings of the crazy dutch man who wrote the story.