Overall: 8
Story: 5.5
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 6.5
Effects: 6
Sound: 7
Music: 7

The Desktop - Pump It Up!

Directed By: NXTManiac

Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Length: 0:0:20
Released: July 25th, 2009

Director's Comments

Mr. Overalls decides to play with the speakers. You would think that by now, he would just crawl in a hole and watch TV for the rest of his life. Enjoy!

Staff Review

NXTManiac's "Desktop" shorts don't fail to impress.  Admittedly, the premise isn't that complicated, but they are still enjoyable to watch because of their great animation and integration with non-brick objects (the desktop).  This one is no exception, and while the ending effect was obviously done on the cheap, it's a short easily worth your twenty seconds.

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