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Overall: 6
Story: 4
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 8

All Alone

Directed By: Paganomation

Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy
Length: 02:30
Released: February 8th, 2003

Director's Comments

Intrepid spacemen leave a germ behind on the Moon, returning later to find that it has evolved. Another of my early adventures in breaking the first rule of music video creation -- don't just show what the song says. (2003)

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
An odd song closely illustrated, resulting in an odd video. The effects are probably the nicest facet of this short, especially a clever solution to the space shuttle's engines. Facial animation is also nicely done, and the animation more than holds its own. Compared to Pagano's later work it suffers, but on its own this is certainly an enjoyable short.

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