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Galactic Smugglers Ep.1 The Pirates (Remastered)

Directed By: thefourmonkeys

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Comedy, Adventure
Length: 05:03
Released: February 12th, 2012

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language, mild sexual content.

Director's Comments

This is the remastered version of our series pilot episode for Galactic Smugglers which was released in May of 2009.  All the stop motion was shot with less than HD quality equipment and software.  This remastered version is in 720p, but the stop motion is only standard definition.  However all the space scenes were redone and are in 720p. We also tried to clean up the flicker as much as possible.

We've really had a fun time making this series and we hope you enjoy the first episode in the Galactic Smugglers story.

We're currently working on Galactic Smugglers 7 and we've already started the remaster for GS2.

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