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Overall: 9
Story: 7
Animation: 9
Cinematography: 9
Sound: 10
Music: 8

Gunship Down

Directed By: Fancypants

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Action
Length: 01:46
Released: June 23rd, 2009

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

The lone survivor of a mysterious crash finds that he is not so alone...

Staff Review

Zach Macias:
Gunship Down is a superbly put-together brickfilm. Nearly every aspect of the film is executed to perfection: the animation, the cinematography, the voice acting, the timing, the sound design...everything works in sync with each other flawlessly. Notice the subtle touches that help to add to the atmosphere and mood, such as the blinking red light at the beginning, the distant sound of nearby wilderness in the background, or the way the stormtooper falls helplessly out of his ship. Little details like that make this film more engaging as well as thrilling and even suspenseful. With fantastic storytelling matched with almost perfect technical aspects, Gunship Down is, so far, one of the best brickfilms of the year.

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