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Robots! Robots! Robots!

Directed By: Dave Pickett

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Parody
Length: 02:00
Released: September 23rd, 2011

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Four robot friends try to figure out what to do with themselves.
Part 4 of 7 of Chapter 2: Robots!

Hey there BiMers! This episode was a beast to animate. It was my first time shoting on my new camera (Panasonic Lumix GH-2) and using Dragon Stop Motion. I will be giving an overview of my new animating set-up in the next few weeks so watch for that. Making this as one continuous shot was a crazy decision, but the payoff was definitely worth it. This was the first time I had people helping me animate, being able to have different people focus on each character was unbelievably helpful.

Fun facts:
- Though this video is only 2 minutes long, it took several months to make and over 110 hours of animating time.
- The “Harried Woman” figure at the beginning is in fact an official LEGO character – she is from the Belville series.
- Duckbot eats 16 things throughout the video Can you spot them all?
2 white plates, 3 fish, 1 radio, 3 gold cups, 2 parts of the table, 1 orange bowl, 1 mushroom, 2 wine glasses & 1 yellow book
- No kittens were harmed in the filming of this video

Buy the 4 robots from this episode from my Bricklink store:
Zipbot - http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=NNN_store&itemID=26754522
Duckbot - http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=NNN_store&itemID=26752473
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