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The Legend of Mousty

Directed By: Harrison Allen

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Length: 02:15
Released: January 1st, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

This as an old film I made back in 2009 with my brother. He did most of the animation, whilst I directed, did some other animation and some other stuff. It's not really that great compared to my more recent stuff. But please enjoy. :)

The story here of the Land of Weird has also been greatly changed since the creation of this movie. It's now just about Jahk (who appears as he did in "Pirates Rule!" without Mousty traveling throughout the Land of Weird trying to rid it of Evil Lord Bob and destroy his flying castle the Nightmare Citadel with a fairy, Mr, Weird, Mr. Munchy, and the Optimistic Crusader Sir Plus. And it's much longer. It's a tree part series I've been trying to write for some time: 'Todopoderoso', 'The Never Not Knights', and 'The Day After Yesterday'. The stuff I have down is way better than this. Haha xD Hopefully, I'll get it printed eventually...

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