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Overall: 6
Story: 5
Animation: 6
Cinematography: 8
Sound: 5

I am Watching You Pee: Revenge

Directed By: Spudster

Genre: Parody, Comedy, Horror
Length: 00:39
Released: June 4th, 2009

Director's Comments

My two cents to the fad. Horror style.

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
Though the existence of these films is a telling indication of the average age of this site's members, the merits of this particular one can't be argued. Whether you find this hilarious or merely immature, the mock horror feel the director creates in this short is nearly flawless. Playing out like a teaser trailer, everything from color to music to cramped cinematography builds a wonderful feeling of foreboding, which is promptly shattered by... well, if you don't know already, you'll see. Love it or hate it, you'll be missing out on a solid little short if you pass this up.

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