Overall: 7
Story: 5
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 8
Sound: 7
Music: 7


Directed By: Jordan Harris

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure
Length: 0:2:0
Released: February 21st, 2009

Director's Comments

Made in just under a month, this is a short film about the revenge of a plant.

Staff Review

David Frank:
Plant is a very cool brickfilm, with a great visual style. The technical qualities are very good, but the area that stands out the most is the effects. Just about every shot in this film has some kind of interesting effect, be it in-camera or computer generated. Probably the only downside to this film is the story. There is not much development, but what is presented will keep you interested.

Overall, this is a fun short that is definitely worth a look.

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