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The Quest For The Blood Diamond: The Director's Cut

Directed By: Stijn Heirstrate

Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama
Length: 06:56
Released: May 24th, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

I've finally made the director's cut of the Quest for the blood diamond

I had plans doing this when I was about half trough production of the sequel, it just never came of it until now.

Here is a list of changes

-I removed a scene
-added shots I didn't use last time
-filmed 1 new shot for it
-added new Sound FX.
-End credit song is now just the TQFTBD Theme
-There is text explaining the story more clearer in the beginning
-New intro and outro text
-Has the Darkman Productions logo



Staff Review

Though not without its flaws, The Quest for the Blood Diamond is a creative, Indiana Jones-esque adventure story.  There are some creative twists and turns, and while the story feels like it is compressed into a slightly shorter period of time than perhaps it should have been, the resolution is clear enough.  There are a few technical issues (sometimes the music drowns out dialog), but all around the presentation is fairly solid -- the multinational voice cast adds some flare to the performances.  If you like adventure films, check this film out.

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