Overall: 2
Story: 2
Animation: 2
Cinematography: 2
Sound: 2

Brickington Sails Forth! Episode Two: Ship Ahoy?

Directed By: Duck

Genre: Comedy, Action, History, Adventure
Length: 0:3:38
Released: October 27th, 2010

Director's Comments

The second part of the light-hearted series that follows Captain Brickington and his crew of redcoat misfits in their hunt for the foreign pirates. This episode: After weeks of searching all the major trade routes, Private Brickdrip spots SOMETHING on the horizon. Appologies about the watermark accross the image, as i was still getting to grips with a trial version of a stop motion program when this was made. It is removed by episode three as i switched programmes! All feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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