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Directed By: jonni phillips

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Length: 02:01
Released: December 19th, 2010

Director's Comments

This is my completely horrible entry into THAC 8 on bricksinmotion.com

If you're wondering how this fits the theme, the guy in the pig costume was being ambitious by doing what he did. Yeah.

I don't think anyone will understand this very much.

Also, I was trying to finish this as soon as possible so I could flipping sleep. Sorry about the crappy ending.

Thanks to my voice actors.

Staff Review

There is something about irrelevant humour and brickfilming that just seems to always work and work it does in PIG IN A SHOWER. It's not the greatest of animations but the animator has brought a lot of touching character to the stop motion so it's not the standard fair of almost robotic lego men. I can guarantee you your life will not change after watching this and you will gain no heartfelt message to benefit your existence but you might laugh so it's always worth a watch.

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