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Overall: 7
Story: 5
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 7
Sound: 7

All Work And No Play...

Directed By: Daragh

Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Length: 03:02
Released: December 19th, 2010

Director's Comments

An entry to THAC 8. A tale of competitive office workers...

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
It has its foibles (a predictable story being the main culprit), but for a THAC entry this is one of the more impressive efforts you'll see. Strong voice-acting, made even more impressive by the short period of time in which the cast was assembled and recorded, is easily this film's biggest strength. Overall, this is an unusually polished THAC entry that packs a chuckle or two, and you could do much worse things with the next three minutes of your life than give this one a view.

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