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Overall: 8
Story: 6
Animation: 9
Cinematography: 7
Sound: 8

Great Inventors 2

Directed By: Yellowhead Studios

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, History, Action
Length: 02:00
Released: September 17th, 2003

Director's Comments

This sequel was made for the Brickfilms Words of Wisdom contest, in which it was voted first in the category Best Presentation. The film is exactly 2 minutes long. It features water, snow, fire, an elephant, mountains and lots of fun!

Staff Review

Zach Macias:
Great Inventors 2 was one of the first brickfilms that I ever saw, and back then, it took very little in a brickfilm to impress me. When I first saw this film, I was astounded by it. Now that I've been on the scene for a few years and my tastes in brickfilms have evolved, looking back on this film, I can honestly say that my high opinion of this film still remains unaltered. Great Inventors 2 is a fantastic short film made by one of brickfilming's legends. What makes this film stand out is not only the incredible animation, set design, and charming sense of humor, but the subtle yet clever details that Stefan added. Take notice of how the caveman tosses up his bow first before ascending a rock wall himself, or how the other caveman's feet kick about when he's being pulled up the cliff by his friend, or how the other caveman notices his spear is broken when he trips and falls. These little touches add a strong sense of livelihood to each scene.

As I've said, the film's technical qualities are superb, including animation, set design, sound work, lighting, etc., as well as some very interesting and effective masking techniques. One of my favorite shots is the hunting scene with the bearded caveman on what looks like a revolving green floor. My only gripe with the film is that the "words of wisdom" at the end are really only applicable to the final scene, which I will not give away. But this is only a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent brickfilm. I highly recommend Great Inventors 2, it's fun, charming, and cartoony, very accessible to all ages. I especially recommend this film to newer or younger brickfilmers, to both enjoy and hopefully learn from.