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Overall: 7.3
Story: 1.5
Animation: 7.5
Cinematography: 2.5
Effects: 7
Sound: 7

Lego Massacre

Directed By: budgetstudios

Genre: Action, Parody, Comedy, Drama
Length: 00:24
Released: September 7th, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Lego men jump off a cliff

Staff Reviews

I'll be honest when I read the title and the description I felt my hand going towards the reject button. I started watching it though and at first I felt that I was about to see a hand swoop in and push all of them off the 'cliff'. Oh how I was wrong! Just as your ready for disappointment your premonition is shattered by the rampant horde of charging Lego man with a passion to jump of that cliff. The dozens of minifigs all begin charging and I respect Budgetstudios for that because I know how tedious animating crowds can be. Watch this film, be amazed!

Graeme Allen:
Sometimes, someone will take all the accepted norms for story, technical qualities, etc... and just toss them out the window. The end result can be terrible, or hilarious. Lego Massacre is by no means a superb film. Heck, it's not even a decent film, but I still laughed like a little kid toppling a wooden block building while watching it.

Randy Yard:
This piece of insipid buffoonery is undoubtedly the dumbest film we've ever had no choice but to recommend, in spite of how guilty we feel about doing so. Incidentally, this is just about my reaction to Celine Dion, too.