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Overall: 8
Story: 8
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 9
Sound: 6


Directed By: Jonathan M.

Genre: Horror, Sci-fi
Length: 01:30
Released: March 11th, 2009

Director's Comments

This brickfilm was fairly easy to create, the idea came to me in a dream, the next day I wrote a script for it, and created sets, and the next two days were all animation and editing

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
Due to that ubiquitous plastic smile, it's difficult to pull off a good horror brickfilm, but this one comes about as close to capturing that feel as you're going to see. Cramped shots and solid lighting do a great job of setting the mood even without music, and when the music does kick in... well, you probably won't be hiding under your desk, but it's very effective. Don't let the unusual conception story, or anything else, scare you away from giving this one a look.