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The Adventures of Legoman

Directed By: Andrew Bermudez

Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody
Length: 16:26
Released: April 24th, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Based on my short stories, The Adventures of Legoman is a family film that combines the mood and comedy of the 1960's Batman TV Show with the expansive Lego City theme in a whole new, superhero fashion. Brickzo the Clown has broken into the large, luxrious, Legotown Museum and stolen the gold of Wu-Wa-Pu! Now he plans to make a solid gold rubber chicken to destroy city hall! Can the valiant masked crime fighter Legoman stop him before he crumbles the colossal, civic, city hall? Find out in this Lego Movie!

Staff Review

Aaron Bulger:
The Adventures of Legoman tries really hard to be funny. It continually harks back to the Adam West/Burt Ward days of Batman, with its appropriation of said theme song, its campy dialogue, and its use of sound effect title cards. Unfortunately, the constant comparison does not favor this brickfilm, as its dialogue just isn't funny enough to provoke laughter. The inconsistency of the voice acting did not help in this regard, as many lines just aren't delivered well enough to pull off - though some voices were surprisingly competent. Technical specs are nothing special, with decent cinematography and and poor image quality. It seems to this reviewer, that brickfilm is, at least, a nice try.

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