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Overall: 6
Story: 3
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 5
Effects: 9
Sound: 6
Music: 6

Ye Giants of Olde (in 3D)

Directed By: AncientBricks

Genre: Comedy
Length: 04:02
Released: July 20th, 2010

Director's Comments

This is my entry into the 2010 Avant-Garde film contest.  Avant-Garde elements include *SPOLIER ALERT* being in 3D, use of vintage giant LEGO figures, and LEGO cow defecation.  This film addresses the issue LEGO had back in the 1970's where LEGO people were way to big to fit in the LEGO buildings they came with. 

This film is in 3D, so you'll either need to view it using "Cross-Eyed Free Viewing" for the full-color experience (recommended, use Vimeo link) or use 3D glasses (using YouTube's 3D player) by selecting your preferred viewing method from the 3D pop-up menu. (I think "parallel" viewing, like what is used for viewing Magic Eye images, will not work in this case because these images are wider than the width between your eyes.)

To watch the video in 2D, just select "Left Image Only" from the 3D pop-up menu.

For help with 3D cross-eyed viewing, check out http://www.starosta.com/3dshowcase/ihelp.html.

For cross-eyed viewing, it also helps to use your right hand to block the right-most image from your right eye and your left hand to block the left-most image from your left eye. The result is that your eyes are slightly crossed and looking through the gap in between your hands.  Remember that your right eye needs to be focused on the left-most image and vice-versa. Another trick that makes cross-eyed viewing a little easier is to sit back from the screen. Cross-eyed viewing takes some effort to learn, but this technique produces vivid, full color images, unlike colored 3D glasses which distort and eliminate some color information. Good luck.

Staff Review

Aaron Bulger:
Ye Giants of Olde (in 3D) is, to be blunt, a gimmick. What would be an otherwise unremarkable film is made noteworthy by its usage of 3D imagery - a relative novelty in the world of brickfilming. The story is simple and the acting is dull and, to be honest, were this film judged solely on these merits, it would likely not be recommended. This reviewer hopes that AncientBricks will take advantage of the likely-lengthy development time spent on such a method in the creation of further brickfilms, with, perhaps, a little more to them.

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