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The Hero - BiM 2010 Avant-Garde entry

Directed By: jonni phillips

Genre: Western, Comedy, Parody, Drama
Length: 04:45
Released: July 24th, 2010

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

This is my entry into Avant-Garde.
When I first wrote the script back in June, I had no idea this would be an Avant-Garde entry. After I had gotten all of my voice actors, etc., I started to think about entering it into AG. I asked a few people, who all thought it was a good idea. I formally decided to enter this into Avant-Garde 7 days before the deadline, which didn't give me much time to animate a four minute film. I worked very hard for the 7 days, and although this isn't my best animation, I feel that this is one of my best films story-wise. Also, there's symbolism in this film. You might be able to find it. (It'll be easier for those who know the history of brickfilms.com ;) ) Please PM me what you think the symbolism is, and if you get it right... COOKIES FOR EVERYONE! :D

The reason why I entered "The Hero" into Avant-Garde is because it isn't like ordinary westerns. It's unique. It's an Avant-Garde western.

I'd like to thank Awesomeonomy, thefourmonkeys, Hazzat, Fancypants, MooCJ, my family, and most importantly everyone who is putting this contest on.

Enjoy my entry, which I put a lot of sweat and tears into.


Staff Review

Randy Yard:
This not-so-subtle allegory from Just Kidden is about as un-Avant-Garde as they come, set in the Old West and featuring the same random humor often employed by KG, Keshen, and just about every other person who's ever taken pictures of their LEGOs and then posted it on YouTube. Thankfully, though, Just Kidden does it better than most. Featuring excellent comic timing and animation, the film is further brought to vibrant life by a solid voice cast that includes a few standout performances (though there are some distracting differences in microphone quality). Unfortunately, the film is clearly rushed--some sound effects are made with the director's voice, the sets are about as rudimentary as they come, and handwritten paper signs are everywhere--but considering the nonsensical subject matter, these issues aren't anywhere near as problematic as they would be in a more serious effort. It's not a model to emulate, certainly, but it's definitely an entertaining film. Don't let the low placement in BiM 2010 scare you away... if you're a fan of "lolwut" humor, this is a five-minute short you'll thoroughly enjoy.

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