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Overall: 7
Story: 7
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 7
Sound: 8
Music: 8

Amnesia (BiM 2010: Avant Garde)

Directed By: Tom Gudde

Genre: Drama, Action, Horror, Mystery
Length: 04:55
Released: July 24th, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Made by Tom Gudde en Stijn HeirstrateOur last minute entry. We hope you'll enjoy/understand the film.

Staff Review

Amnesiac is a very intriguing film. While the story (which is really a set up for something most on the site are familiar with) isn't complex by any means. There is an atmosphere here that works very well. The camera shakiness and the gritty night time city location get you "in the zone" for this one. And pulling it all off without one spoken word of dialogue is always an accomplishment I like to point out. Very recommended to the viewer(s) scrolling through the directory.

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