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Staff Favorite

Overall: 8
Story: 9
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 6
Effects: 4
Sound: 5
Music: 5

Mr Bad Frame

Directed By: Loïc F-B

Genre: Mystery, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
Length: 09:23
Released: July 21st, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

My entry to the Brick in Motion 2010: Avant-Garde. It's the story of Mr Bad Frame, who is animate at 3 fps... But unfortunately for him, the rest of the Lego people are animated at 15 fps.The story is a little strange, and there are not voices, but I have miss time. Enjoy!   

Staff Review

Aaron Bulger:
Mr. Bad Frame is a credit to the brickfilming community. The premise is deceptively simple, even gimmicky perhaps. However, this film takes that premise beyond the joke it could be to an emotional journey, touching on such universal themes as the desire to fit in and the dangers of wanting to be someone else.

Mr. Bad Frame's excellence lies in its concept and story. Unfortunately, the technical aspects do not live up to their counterparts. Animation is decent, except, of course, where it shouldn't be and, it should be noted, the two animation rates mesh seamlessly in shots where both are visible. Image quality and lighting are both subpar, and the "Engrish" word balloons presented with occasional voiced nonsense may remind viewers of an old video game. Also, it would seem that the director tried to stuff the film with cameos by Collectible Minifigures for no apparent reason, which can get distracting.

Nevertheless, Mr. Bad Frame is one of the most deserving brickfilms this reviewer has watched lately. The near-ten minute playing time may seem daunting, but the creativity of the concept and ambition of the story easily out-shine its technical shortcomings and ought to compel you to watch the film.

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