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Overall: 6
Story: 7
Animation: 6
Cinematography: 5
Effects: 4
Sound: 6

Benny n' Lee episode 9: Benny's Car

Directed By: Seán Willis

Genre: Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Comedy
Length: 04:45
Released: July 11th, 2010

Director's Comments

Benny buys a car but doesn't have a license so Lee doesn't let him drive it. Meanwhile, Lee tries to destroy the car to claim the insurance money.

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
Willis continues to amaze with how much creativity and comedy he manages to coax out of a few armchairs and three white walls (well, two white, and one with some sort of Cheez Whiz on it). It's not his best, as this one starts a bit slow, but there's still plenty to laugh at once the film's dysfunctional cast of characters (and the de-wheeled convertible parked in the living room) throw it into gear (pun intended). There's a reason this is one of the longest running and most respected dynamic duos in brickfilms, and this latest installment is certainly on par with the series' standard. Definitely worth five minutes out of your day.

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