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Directed By: Thomas Missault

Genre: History, Drama, Mystery
Length: 07:26
Released: January 2nd, 2007

Director's Comments

This is my entry to the brickfilms.com Inventions, Discoveries and Extraodinary Achievements (IDEA) Contest.

This film is not the original IDEA entry. Due to the time limit (6 min.) the film suffers a lot from the pacing. I tried to tell to much in too little time. Galileo placed 8th out of 10 in the contest.

I had some deleted scenes, so I decided to assemble a Director's cut. This film contains over 1 min. of extra footage. The pacing should be better in this film.

The film tells the story of Galileo Galilei. How he was trailed for heresy, while he was saying the truth.

I hope you enjoy!

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
Stuffed to the gills with historically accurate characters and events, the film watches more like a history project than an entertainment piece, and as a result will be appreciated the most by history buffs already familiar with Galileo and his famous feud with the Catholic church. But even if history isn't your thing, this one is still a nice catch. Music, voices, animation, and everything else about the piece does its job, resulting in a rewarding final film. Both the historian and the brickfilm fan will find something to like in this piece.