Overall: 6
Story: 6
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 6
Sound: 6

SVELT Interview

Directed By: Dave Pickett

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Action, Drama
Length: 0:6:4
Released: September 8th, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

Report-O-Bot-Ophelia interviews Persephone Verada, spokesbrick for SVELT, to find out more about Malifios.
Part 3 of 7 of “New Beginnings”

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
A six-minute long interview may not sound like a recipe for comedic gold, but the director manages to keep this short interesting with plenty of humorous banter, a perpetually moving interview-robot, and slapstick-filled montage for good measure. Viewers with shorter attention spans may find it a bit slow, but more forgiving viewers will find plenty to enjoy in this installment of fallentomato's excellent series.

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